Friday, May 7, 2010

Still in the USA

At right is a picture of bread that my momma made last Saturday/ Sunday.  OH MY WORD it was delicious!!

Soo....Last night after our closing prayer, Lexie gave me a hug saying, “I’ll never let go ever!” 

Well James didn’t like that—not being able to hug me himself, so he said, “I’ll get her back!” and hugged me from behind.  So it was basically a Cebre sandwich.  Except from that point, my dad said, “I’ll get her arm!” and covered up the last remaining part of my body open to air. 

I’m ticklish, though, and so my neck was DYING with all the little fingers around it.  I kept trying to adjust, but that just made it worse.

I fell asleep last night hearing James coughing.   Poor little dear.  I think it’s very interesting how I could tell his cough from the other 7 that could have potentially been ringing through the house.  Of course, he does have the highest pitched voice.  Crazy child.    For my family, “WHaaaaat??”  Oh, James.

Anyway, I LOVE flying.  I love airports, I love airplanes, I love how the ground looks fake!

As we ascended, I practically giggled.  Okay, I get a little plane sick (UGH) but I LOVED seeing how tiny everything was!  California is beautiful.  I’m SO incredibly grateful for Physical Science 100 for it taught me about all the formations that I gazed at today.  I recognized where two plates must have been converging, and decided that a glacier must has passed through a certain part of two mountains. 

During this, though, I got distracted by my window.  I was right next to the propeller on the TINY plane, and little glittery dots were splattering across my windowsill.  I wondered if they were tiny drops of water, or maybe little chips… but after thinking about it, they were definitely drops of water.  Also, there was some type of albino bug living in my window.  I couldn’t decide what it was, I’ll call it a spidant.  I couldn’t count all of its legs…

I've decided the plane sizes definitely correlate to their classiness.  The smallest plane had bugs in the windows and moldy lights.  The next plane had legitimate life vests! YAY!

It was such a beautiful flight!   A perfectly clear day until we got to LA—which was due to the smog.  As we descended into San Francisco, I decided San Francisco is like a HUGE mosaic.  Beautiful.  Dad, you’ll be happy to know that I checked the bay for sailing conditions.  WAY TOO WINDY!  I watched the sunrise on my flight to SFO, and as it shone on the water, it looked dull—like it was shining on the stuff that gertie balls are made out of.  Weird…

I could have spent about $4,000,000 in the San Francisco airport.  I tried on sunglasses that look JUST LIKE LEXIE's that cost I think $116.  Wooo! I also tried on a pair that looked pretty similar to mine, before I realized that they were $160 and I probably shouldn't be touching them with my luck and grace.  The swatches were just beautiful, too.  I practically giggled as I looked at all of them.  They were so colorful and happy!

Soooo I went to the food court.  That's really where I would have spent all my money.  Let's be honest, here.  I spend the majority of my money on food.  Always have.

I settled on a breakfast consisting of sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, four pieces of french toast, and a lump of hashbrowns as big as... if I connect all my fingers together to make an oval.   MAN I was full!  But what did I want?

Bread, and avocados.  I have no idea where she got it, but a lady next to be had an avocado.  I LOVE those.  I took a picture of a rotting avocado at home :), shown below.  I still ate most of it, haha!

I met a "Christian" :)  She informed me that God loved me.  I smiled big and told her thank you.

As I told her about my trip, I explained that I would be singing at masses.  I explained that I’d never been to a mass before, because my religion was slightly different.  She asked what mine was, and as I told her I was LDS, she smiled and said, “Well, I’m talking differently than you usually hear, huh?”

She then told me that Jesus was madly in love with me.  Yup, definitely different use of words!

She told me God had great things in store for me, and again I thanked her, and told her that I, too, believe in miracles.  I left smiling.  I’m glad she wanted to share her joy with me.

Mom, I also thought I should tell you that I eavesdropped and then discussed a topic with the people behind me.  This super cheerful man was asking the woman next to her if she ever got tired when she had kids carrying them around ALLLL the time.  He said he understood that she probably grew stronger as her kids had grown heavier, but he was still wondering.  Well, I told him that hips really help.  Because I remember when I was 9 and I would try to carry Lexie, I would look like I was doing the “I’m a little teapot” dance, but as I got older, it was about 50,000 times easier to carry littler children.

So now I’m in LAX—I’ll refrain trying to repeat “Party In the USA.”  think she flies into LAX… but I know if I started typing what I think the lyrics are I’d become just like my wonderful mom, who thought instead of “You walk like an ACE, now” in the Beach Boy’s “Fun Fun Fun” song, it was, “You walk like an APE.”  Oh gosh, or maybe sweet Lexie who’s always singing the wrong words.  Let me just say I think Miley Cyrus is singing about cardigans.  Is she?


Next stop?

London :)


  1. So fun to hear Cebre! I could look around the Swatch store all day long too. And the food at airport Starbucks? Yum! 4 pieces of french toast PLUS the other stuff was a LOT. You must have been starving with those dinky bags of peanuts they give you on the plane. Glad you had fun! Love, Mom

  2. I don't think they even give those dinky bags of peanuts anymore! Daniel and I just flew home from Utah peanuts!!! :(