Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Grade

Thumb wars, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Miss Mary Mack, and I-Spy...

just a taste of what first grade for a day is like.

I joined James for a fieldtrip today!  But because I was early, I joined them in gym time.  What were they playing?  Oh yeah, that Doctor Dodgeball game.  Greeaaaat idea.  Give a whole bunch of 7 year olds soft-ish balls, tell them to chuck them at each other, and then sit through it as they allll get mad when they get hit.  

James's team was up on the middle line, being offensive and daring, while the other side hid back underneath the basketball hoop protecting their doctor.  Interesting...
In reality, it was super cute to see the kids throw as hard as they could.

Once we got on the bus, my little buddy Jacob (kind of like a miniature Rupert Grint--super cute) said,  "Wouldn't it be funny if a Siberian Tiger ran all the way from Asia?" 
... Yup... 
"And ran all the way to our school just to say Hello?  Wouldn't that be funny?"
 Haha, yeah... I would be laughing...

Ohhh, I guess I should also say that I educated James and Jacob on proper positioning of their fingers.  I informed them to NEVER ever ever ever only hold up the middle one, as that was very rude and very bad.  They both looked at my with their eyes big and said, "What does it MEAN?"  I didn't tell them.  I just told them that if anyone did that to them to tell the teacher.

We proceeded to watch ArcheDream for Humankind: a six-man (well, 4 women) show with black lights and the COOLEST costumes.  Their little ad is: 
ArcheDream for Humankind
April 28, 2010
Vibrant 6-Member Black Light Theater Company 

Utilizing hand-painted masks & costumes, mesmerizing puppetry, and contemporary dance and pantomime, 

"Deep Blue" is ArcheDream for HUMANKIND's magical journey through the elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Audiences watch this production in awe as wild, 

remarkably agile characters create captivating stories full of adventure and suspense. A non-profit organization focused on uplifting humanity, ADHK's numerous shows in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America are currently working to benefit children, the homeless and HIV positive patients in the US and abroad. The brilliant sounds, colors and stories of Archedream for HUMANKIND do more than enchant - they literally change the world.

They rocked.  It was simply beautiful!  ... and maybe a little weird.  I must say, that there was a moment where I was slightly scared for my life.  Two dancers were, well, dancing, it was the "fire" portion of the performance, and all 1700 children in the theater started clapping, shouting, and stomping their feet in rhythm.  All I could remember was Lord of the Flies.   Luckily, it calmed down as the "spirit" dancer came out and glided (glowingly) across the stage.

So-o-ooo we rode the bus back home, grabbed our sack lunches, and headed to the cafeteria.  We weren't aloud to enter until the bell rang, so all the kids stood outside in anticipation.  Then, YAY!!!, the bell rang and everyone stormed inside, grabbing their "spots."
It smelled like balogna and that weird plastic cheese.  And maybe mayonnaise, too.  JUST like a cafeteria should.  

People don't know this, but first-graders are experts in trade.  They know that a bag of cheerios is equal to a Capri Sun, and that a Go-gurt is equal to one chicken strip.  I should attend lunch in the cafeteria more often to become a master of trade myself.

I finished my lunch early, and was about to leave when James told me, "No, just wait 35 more seconds."  So I waited, to hear the bell ring once more, and see a sea of hands (all different sizes and colors) pop up eager to be excused.  Luckily, the lunch man excused me as well as the little people.

So I will end today's post with a series of first grade jokes:

Q: What's a pirate's favorite letter?
A: (We all know this one....) Rrrrrr!

Q: What's a pirate's favorite movie?
A: Carrrrrrs!

Q: What's a pirate's favorite game?
A: Carrrrds!

Q: What's a pirate's favorite planet?
A: Marrrrrs!


"There was a man so tall he could touch the ceiling.  A boy asked him how many feet he was, and he said, 'Two!'"

Shoot.  I forgot the knock-knock one. 


  1. So much fun to hear your take on the day. So cute!

  2. I will have to use those first grade jokes in my speech therapy sessions with kids--("Arrrrrrrrrrr"--the letter so many of them have trouble with!)--Thanks!--Lori Standring