Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"You're just a problem solver, aren't you?" "Mom! I'm not a problem!"

Realization of the day: I don't trust anything with my photos.  If I print them out, they can be burned.  If I put them on CD's or DVD's, they can break, if I put them on a hard-drive, it can crash.  Same with my computer.  If I put them on the internet, the system could die and then I'd have no access!  Oh shoot.

So this boy at right?
He looks cute and sweet and contained. OH WHAT LIES PICTURES CAN BE! He's the most out of control power-house I've ever met. I've been feeling a little sick since finals, and I think, "Oh great, now that I have absolutely nothing to do, I can rest."

Then what do I hear? "HUG CEBRE!!!"

About every 3 minutes. And I mean, I know, I'm his favorite. He tells me that every day. And it's wonderful to have a cute four-foot-tall forty-something-pounded boy throw his arms around you and adore you.


Let's just say I'm not getting much rest.
Terra will hate me for this, but I went out and played tetherball with Lexie and Racer and James. When I was playing with Racer, James decided to "help." Ya right!! His "helping" fed Racer the ball every time. Needless to say (why say it, then?), Racer was
almost beating me the whole time.

News of Allen creations of late--James won third place in a writing contest for PBS. As soon as he received the email, his energy level multiplied by about seven. I hid.

Lexie also created a new creature--called the "KEY-BRA" aka the Zebra with a body of piano 
keys. A picture is included.

Also included is Lexie's science project. They smelled SOOOO good. Shall I go off on THAT tangent? What is the point of science projects? It's just a chance for families to TRULY pull together because there's no way in heck that the child is doing it on his or her own. 
So the parents (or in my case the older sister) end up doing the project with them, if not entirely. Hassle?

There is not a quiet moment in the Allen home, whether it's Terra talking to herself, Racer saying the oddest things, Drake singing or playing his uke, James making game noises, or Lexie being sweet... there is not a quiet moment in the Allen home.

Let's just say when my mom got home after helping out at Terra's musical dress rehearsal, I said sweetly, "I'm so glad you're home!" then laughed maniacally and yelled, "SO ALL OF HIS ATTENTION CAN BE FOCUSED ON
YOU !!!" and ran out of the room.

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