Friday, May 7, 2010

London's like a Lost home :)... literally.

Well, first off, I'd like to thank Eddie, my young Irish gentleman friend for listening to my chatter over the 10-hour plane flight.  Before the plane even took off, I'm pretty sure he understood that I wouldn't (or is it couldn't?) stop.  As I explained that I thought of the flight as traveling towards the future, he chuckled.

Later, he took off his watch and as he was resetting the time, said (somewhat sarcastically) in his Dublin accent, "OOOO look! Traveling to the future!"

I will say that I reserved my question of how fast the plane could get from 0-60, though.  At least I did that.

The flight over to London was enjoyable.  I watched Invictus and Monsters Inc.  Over and over again--but pieces of them.  I kept dozing off... the meals were fine, but I could never understand what the stewardess was asking.  And Eddie couldn't understand my mumbling.  

The man kitty corner to me ordered at least 3 beers-- that's at least what I saw while I was awake.  He wasn't allowed to leave the plane when we all were due to his high alcohol intake.  Also, someone was arrested while on the flight.  I'm not sure if she had possession of drugs, was DOING drugs, or was trying to sell drugs, but it had to do with drugs, and she was three rows behind me.  Quite a flight!

But really, it was gorgeous.  Today I watched the sun rise, then set, and then rise again.  I have been awake for 24 hours, now, and ... I'm losing it.

SOOOO I'm in London!
I got off the plane, went through Customs, ran down to get my baggage... and it got SENT TO DENVER! COLORADOOOOOO... aka NOT London!  Oh dear...

Did I really just call it baggage? I meant luggage.  Anyway, I still had two bags on me.  I have henceforth decided that it was an extreme blessing that the LAX baggers are dyslexic, for I got extremely lost on my way to my flats. 

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So um, all of those points are Hyde Park.  Everyone kept giving me different directions.  I initially started going in the ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT direction, but after about 10 minutes of that, I turned around.  Oh my word.

I was ready to cry, until I saw, "LDS FAMILY HISTORY CENTER."  Yeah, are you kidding me?  They didn't really help so much, but just the fact that I remembered again that I wasn't alone did enough.  After that, it wasn't so bad.  

I mean, it kind of was.  I went from Prince's Gate to 37 Queen's Gate, but from there FINALLY found 37 Hyde Park Gate.  It's adorable.  But also completely hidden!  I walked in, and Sister Hall was in front of me.  I gave her a hug, let her know how AMAZING it was to see somebody I knew, and then we set down to get everything ready.  We decided to make a sign so that others could find the flats easier.  So I made a sign saying "BYU," and we chewed Peppermint Gum that Mom gave to me for Sticky Tac.  So innovative in London! HAHA

I'll post later pictures of the flat, and me looking happy and wonderful.  Until then... AU REVOIR! or something.


  1. Yay! You made it! Hope you're able to rest up. That must have been crazy trying to find your flat and being so tired. Will the airport deliver your luggage? That's what they've done for us in McK when they send it somewhere else (yes, it's happened twice to me and daddy).

  2. Oh my my my! London must be AMAZING:) I am glad you made it there safely, and I can't wait to hear more!

    I miss you Cebs~

  3. Say "Cheerio!" Save Au Revoir for Paris!