Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Wimmer Walk

With my Oyster Card, I'm braving the buses and the tubes.  Double-decker buses are not only fun because they're so ... different, but you can SEE SO MUCH!  I'm afraid, however, that the actual residents of this city may be a bit annoyed by the loud, LOUD American students.

Did I mention we were loud?  British people are sarcastic, but not loud.  So everywhere we go, it's loud Americans laughing their way around, and everyone else giving us the oddest looks.

Best piece of British sarcasm yet?
(At a concert, over the loudspeaker after announcing that cameras cannot be used)
"There are toilets available." pause... "Except now it's too late to use them."

Gosh, so restrooms are NOT restrooms or bathrooms here.  They are toilets.  The funniest thing is, all over London are signs saying "TO LET," which means "to rent."  However, everytime we see one, we think that the "I" just dropped out.

Now... it's picture time! (yay!)  My creative juices are ... currently gone.  So since a picture is worth a thousand words... this will be my longest post ever :)

Haley (roommate) and I in front of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

This is the bridge that twists all over the place in Harry Potter!! aka The Millenium Bridge
Our Wimmer Walk group! That's the Tower Bridge (in Kate & Leopold)
One of my roommates Haley and I in front of the London Eye

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  1. Daddy said that he was going to tell you before you left to talk 1/2 the volume that you usually do there in London. Like that ever worked at the dinner table!