Saturday, September 27, 2008


So life has been going crazy, with midterms and essays due every day (not an exaggeration, sadly)... and I've had no time!
There was even a point when I stayed up until after 2:00 in the morning because I got homesick (yes, my first real homesick wave)... and then I had a math test the next day...
so here's the story.
I woke up Friday morning, tired as usual, more smelly than usual, and in definite need to take a shower. I looked at the clock, expecting about 6:21 or something, and after I did a double take and focused my eyes EXTRA HARD... I realized the clock read 7:48.
AHHH!! My class started at 8:00! So I rolled out of bed, changed my pants, put on a sweatshirt, and left. Smelly and completely a mess. I made it to class in 7 minutes and actually showed up early. Miracles, miracles.

That story is not the point for my post, however. I wanted to give you guys all access to see my life!! really...

Let's hope it works!!!


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  1. Even if your posts are short and don't make the point you started out with, it's fun to get a glimpse into your life.

    So glad you made it to class on time. Daddy loved the story about your test. He told the kids when they got home from school (with a beam in his eye!) I don't think he thought you'd choose the cars you chose. -- Mom