Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday the Seventh

I had the realization I was actually a college student Friday night. I was attending the "Blu-au" for Helaman Halls kids (a huge party with blow up slides and food and dance and a 150 player twister game..) and something weird happened and I turned to my friend and said, "We're in college."

It was profound... let me tell you.

Also Friday night, after dancing on the Helaman Quad, I had a huge decision to make--which dance to attend?? There were so many!! I ended up going to a dance up by Heritage Halls (it was packed, but free) and then afterwards my friend Chelsea and I went to our friend's apartment and played music. The guys there had an amp set up with their guitars and keyboard plugged in. They even had a drum set, but it was too big and we couldn't fit both us and the drum set in the room, so the drums had to leave. It was amazing, though.

I think that's something I like (and hate) the most about BYU. I absolutely love how everywhere you go there are opportunities to play music!!! Everyone knows everything and is so talented and you can either just play along or sing along or even just enjoy it on the sidelines. It's amazing. EVERYONE is talented. The only downside is I often feel very inferior--but the fun of being able to just randomly sing a song in full harmony or play a song where everyone knows the chords FAR outweighs the inferior feeling.

Other than that, I've been practicing responsibility. It's much harder to be disciplined when living "on your own" and I also just can't make decisions--ever. I ended up dropping out of two classes, and adding two others. I'll be starting guitar classes--who knows? Maybe I'll be good at it--maybe I'll be horrible....
I ended up NOT joining choir. As much as I love singing, I just didn't feel that excited for joining choir at all. I made it through the Preliminary Audition, auditioned for the Women's Chorus Director, made it onto the Callback list, attended one day of callbacks, and then didn't attend the second. It seemed as if every con outweighed the pro--and I just wanted my freshman year to be one where I could slowly adjust, not be thrown into a huge commitment. Of course, I'll probably regret it at some times because I'll be sad that I'm not IN choir, but then I'll remember that taking choir would have pushed out many other possibilities--like guitar class, for example.

Today I attended a regional Stake Conference at the Marriot Center, and I was shocked when the whole room stood and quieted down and PRESIDENT UCHTDORF walked in. I had no clue he was speaking at it!!! Other speakers were Boyd K. Packer (he's got a great sense of humor) and Sister Ann Dibb (General Young Women's 2nd Counselor and President Monson's only daughter) and Elder Marlin K. Jensen of the Seventy. All of their messages were so powerful and inspiring--I'm very glad I went. I'm also glad I got a SEAT... there were 135 stakes in attendance.

THOUSANDS of people.

And amazing enough, I saw the Medleys in that whole mess!!

Today I ate lunch with David Standring, and we laughed about crazy people like James and Daniel--it was great. Like a little piece of home. I've been slightly ripped off, here. I can't talk about my family so much, because no one knows who the heck they are!! It stinks!! I've tried to explain how wonderful my family is, but I just end up babbling.


So I like my classes, I have tons of homework, and in fact should be going.

However, if you call me, I will always love to speak to you!!!

My love,

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