Sunday, October 5, 2008

General Conference and... blood poisoning?

So I loved General Conference!! Loved it!
It was a great way to end a stressful week of midterms and FIVE essays. FIVE!
All of it was amazing.

But last night... wasn't.

I'll copy text that I typed to my friend. The punctuation and spelling will be in "chat format" (hey, that rhymes!) which basically means in no way is it presentable to the public. :)

But here it goes!

so i took this shower on friday, right?
went to eat, and then when i was walking out of the cannon center my foot hurt REALLY bad
and i didn't know WHY!
so i looked at it, and there was this sore on my foot
and i was like, "UGH that's gross!! I got this from the shower!!!" bc warts and fungus transfer in moist places like showers, right? right.
so then sat. i wake up, and by 9:00, it's kinda swollen
uh huh?
uh huh. and then by 10:00-ish, the bottom of my foot
is ALL swollen, and red
and i couldn't walk
it, okay, it wasn't like the WHOLE bottom of my foot, but around the sore
and it was spreading from the left side of my foot (underneath my pinkie toe)
to the right side, in this kinda line thing (so underneath my big toe) wait!
so then i watched conference
and after conference, like, the SIDE of my foot was swelling up kinda too. in spots. teri's mom said it looked like it was an infection in my veins, because that's how the redness looked--not like, swollen broken foot, but just raised, painful, vein-spreading things
and THEN
i went to walmart
and after i got back from walmart, i looked at it, and it was spreading across the top of my foot
and up to my ankles
and that kinda was freaking me out
because i was watching it spread
conference was for church, byw
and then we asked teri's dad, who works at a hospital, and he said it looked like blood poisoning
and i was like, "AHHH!! I'm going to DIE!"
and so i started drinking tons of water, idk , to clean my system or something, and we watched a movie, and by the end of the movie, it hadn't spread anymore, which was good
and then this morning i woke up, and it's still kinda red on the bottom, but you can't really see it on top of my foot or by my ankle, and it's a lighter reddish color
i seriously almost started crying last night, though
it was stressing me out
but it's okay
well, what's weird
is... okay
i think it was spreading so quickly because my blood was circulating more from walking around walmart and stuff
and so when i laid down and watched a movie
and then went to sleep
i didn't have much blood circulation happening, so my body was able to fight it

CRAZY story, eh?
As of today, a day later, it's still a little swollen, but it's SO much better.  The irritated redness is now just a slight flush of pink, and I can really walk around just fine (occasionally it hurts if I step wrong, but really, it doesn't at all).
I'm just so grateful!! Whatever it was, however serious (or not) it was (or wasn't), I'm just glad it's over.  Thank goodness!!
Other than that, life has been amazing!  I've been attending social things like plays, studying in the library, and watching movies!! It's been fun.  I really enjoyed this weekend, when I got to spend the night first at my friend Chelsea's dorm room and then at my friend Teri's parents house.  We slept in her room in a REAL bed.  It was so wonderful!!  It was also really nice to eat real food as well as to participate in family scripture study!!


  1. I'm so glad your foot is improving Cebre! I was concerned about you last night. So glad to know it improved overnight instead of it getting worse. Love you! -- Mom

  2. Grandma said- Thanks for sending me your story. I sure am glad to hear you are better. I am also glad to hear that you liked conference. My favorite was the children's choir on Saturday afternoon. Did you see that?
    Love, Grandma