Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ten Days Shy of Twelve Months

Hiram and I went on our first date to the Mormon Miracle Pageant at the Manti Temple. We didn't take a picture then, but here we are two years and one day later!

We're in love.

Hiram and I have the same "argument" nearly every day.

H: Cebre, I love you so much.
C: I love you so much ... more.
H: I love you more.
C: That's what I just said.
H: Well, I've loved you longer.

And he has a point... kind of. He claims he's loved me since our first date, or even before.

I've tried to explain to him about cardinality of sets. A set in this case is a collection of numbers, or days. The cardinality is the count of all the days inside.  I can create a mapping from the day he first loved me to the day I first loved him. We'll both love each other forever, see, and so the two sets will be paired up:

His first day maps to my first day
His second day maps to my second day
His third day maps to my third day
His fourth day maps to my fourth day
... forever.

The sets are equal. Nobody will have loved each other longer. Math stuff.

He won't buy it.

Now, I know this is silly. We're what, ten days shy of being married a year... I know there's a lot more love to be developed.

But Hiram is amazing. I could write for hours about how he does the dishes, laundry, makes dinner when I'm exhausted, rubs my feet and back, kisses me so tenderly when I'm sleepy, listens to my chatter, lets me sing in the car and even sometimes at the dinner table...

... but here's just one example of why he's the best.

Monday evening I was helping a friend remember some math concepts for an upcoming exam.  I came home to this:
I love that you are always thinking of others.
And this:
I love how you love the Gospel (and babies).

And this:
I love how you sing so beautifully all the time.
And this:

I love the insights you have while we read the scriptures.

As I looked around the room, there were more. We walked into the next room. More. Kitchen? LOTS more. Bathroom, bedroom, spare room, more. Love notes were written on almost every surface in the entire house.

He wrote me thirty-four notes total. And held my hand so sweetly as I ran around the house looking for them (it was like an Easter egg hunt, but much nicer). Some were silly, some were sweet, some were written on our bathroom scale and inside our refrigerator...

He may have loved me longer, but he's made me love him more.

If you want to see all the notes, click here. It's very cute seeing how creative he was.

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