Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Missions and Missing

Terra Bella left on her mission today. We are sooo excited for her! She is already such a strong young woman and I can only imagine how much experience and strength she will gain from this opportunity. I was a stoic during the goodbye's, because she said that crying would make it harder on her. All day I've been so happy for her that I've hardly had the time to reflect on my own emotions.

I've almost sent her texts about 12 times already, and it's only the first 7 hours of her mission. And then I have to remind myself that she won't receive it. I'm also trying very hard to convince myself that half-thoughts that I want to share with her don't merit a DearElder Same-Day Delivery Letter.

I bet she's being swept away by her busy-ness and the excitement of the MTC, and here I am mourning my ability to text her.  I have to admit, I'll also miss her kind-of-awkward-but-also-amusing photos of babies that she claims are Hiram's and my future children (although I won't miss things like the weird naked carrot... not posting that one).
Exhibit A "Wagon Baby"

Exhibit B "Bookworm Baby"
I know truly that the work she is doing is more important than anything she could do here for me. I have to recognize that the needs for Terra in Ohio exceed any of my social media cravings. Terra is going to change the lives of some very very lucky people.

I'll miss her. I'll miss her excitement for life, her easy laughter, her loving heart, and her very strong morals.  When I was younger Terra and I would sing a song with the following lyrics:

"Other times we don't 
There's even times we fight.

But I know
you're always there.
Yes I know
you're always there.
You're my sister.

I love my sister."

I can't wait until I can once again walk down the street arm in arm harmonizing with her. But until then...


  1. Wisdom teeth videos are my family's favorite thing in this world. THANK YOU FOR THIS.

    1. I took 45 minutes of video... if you need more.

  2. You are a bigger man than I am, Cebre! (Or you know what I mean -- better woman -- no woman wants to be called a man, or BIGGER!) I can't let the part of me that misses her be swept away by her purpose and all that she'll do quite yet. Eventually I will.