Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Guardian Snow Angel

I'm not writing this post for either of the following two reasons:

  • for you to pity my experience
  • for you to worry about my future
I'm writing this because I believe in miracles, and I want to share a few.

Today started out as a typical day. I struggled to get out of the warm covers, but groggily got ready for school. Hiram made me a sweet little lunch with the last bits of food we have, and then headed outside to scrape the snow off the car and warm it up for me. He is amazing.

By the time I got outside, the car was warm, visibility was high, and I was ready to go. Then Hiram and I realized his phone was missing. After looking in our snowbank, I mean, parking lot, and our front yard and the sidewalk which Hiram had shoveled, he found it. No harm done! It still works fine. Miracle #1. 

I knew the roads would be a little rough, because it had snowed a couple of inches the night before. The roads were terrible! No plowing or any sign of clearing or salting or anything.

For some reason, I decided to make sure that all of my standard morning preparations were done yesterday. I stayed a little later at school to make sure that all copies were made, all papers were picked up, and that everything was ready to go. Moving at 15mph, it took an hour and twenty minutes to get to school. Usually it takes twenty five. I arrived at school just after the tardy bell rang, but I was fully prepared due to extra effort from the day before. Miracle #2.

All day, I was able to get my classes to focus despite everybody's bursting desire to share personal stories about their commute to school. That was Miracle #3. Especially the part about me not sharing my own personal stories. It was hard. But we focused.

So, school was great. We were sent an email at lunch from another teacher, with the subject line saying, "Hope some of you brought overnight bags..." and the following image of our parking lot:

No, the green car is not mine. Mine was down the row, but was equally covered. In fact, the length of the pile of snow was longer-- about the length OF my car. The snow around my car was at least halfway up my calves, and ... I couldn't get my car out of the parking spot. I considered staying the night, but Hiram had no way to get out to American Fork, and the pipes are frozen in my building (no easy access to running water or plumbing). I stepped out of the car and grabbed the ice-scraper to see if I could dig myself out of the snow.

Then I saw the school janitor in his truck plowing the opposite end of the parking lot. I began walking in his direction, hoping that I could flag him down. Instead, he drove right toward me! He didn't even roll down his window, just pointed to see which car was mine, and began pushing all the snow away. Miracle #4. I could go home. 

I took off my snow-filled boots so that my feet could defrost and called Hiram to say I was leaving. He pleaded, "Be safe." 
I responded, "Don't worry, I will make it home to you."

As I drove home, I was cautious. Both hands on the wheel, watching all the time. I planned ahead by making sure that I was in the lane I needed to be in so that merging was minimal. The roads were so much clearer, but somewhat icy and definitely wet. I made it safely to the freeway, and was taking the University Parkway exit and thinking, "This is great! I'll get home so soon!"

Then I saw brake lights in the distance.

And I tried to slow. I was yards behind the cars, but I wasn't slowing. At all. The car kept moving, trying to swerve into the right lane and I struggled to keep it straight. There wasn't enough distance. I was quickly approaching the back end of a white sedan, and I was not going to stop in time. I knew that without a doubt. Instinctively and still braking, I merged into the right lane. There was nobody in front of me, and I didn't even have time to think if there was anybody coming up behind on the right.

The car finally stopped right next to the white sedan. No contact with barriers or other cars. I inhaled a huge amount of burning brakes and exhaust, and realized that I hadn't been breathing at all. I glanced around, and saw that maybe 50 yards ahead of me, a car had earlier swerved into the shoulder and had stopped. 

I was shocked by what was behind me. So close that I couldn't see his headlights, a man had swerved into the shoulder of the exit so as to let me come in as I was out of control. He had the intuition to watch and move and stop. And he didn't even honk at me. Just waited patiently while I breathed and collected myself and then proceeded forward with the green light. Miracle #5. He is my guardian snow angel.

I should have hit him. Or somebody. I should have been in an accident today like that car in front of me. And not a pretty one like theirs, either.

There are two reasons why I believe I was not:
  1. Hiram's prayers. 
  2. Terra's service.
Prayer works. I know it does. I am so grateful for Hiram's love and faith. It protected me today. Our Father in Heaven heard his prayers and blessed me because of it. Prayers also comfort. Overwhelmed with gratitude from His protection, I was able to withhold the tears and hyperventilation until I got home. 

Also, I believe with all of my heart that Terra is doing the will of the Father. I'm overwhelmed by her example, and humbled by the fact that her service is blessing me with safety and promise. I believe that it is more because of her sacrifice and less because of who I am that I have been given all of these experiences today.

In a moment when everything was going wrong, miraculous things went right.


  1. I'm so glad you are okay! Prayers are real! You are watched over! Miracles are real! Love this. Your kids will love reading this someday too. :) much love!

  2. i love it when personal experiences strengthen and remind that the Lord is ALWAYS watching over us. it's great when these kinds of things make our lives easier... like having green lights all the way home, etc. :)