Saturday, August 13, 2011

So I'm a mouth breather.

I knew I would get sick--it's pretty typical stuff.  I, of course, got sick from driving back from California and probably some ear infection from ocean water... the good news is I'm on the mend!  Even if I still have to breathe through my mouth.

These past couple of days I've been spending the majority of my time with my beautiful and compassionate sister, Terra.  She's been the most available assistant, driving me to work, picking me up from work, packing my jeans into air-compressing bags, and packing my shoes in a bucket.  She's also helped me carry my tons of junk (really, I have tons) from my room, to the car, and then even to Stephanie's living room.  Stephanie's also compassionate, and is letting me store my stuff with her while I'm temporarily homeless.  BYU Contracted Housing should really figure something out with the housing check-out and check-in dates around here.  It's ridiculous.

I experienced Terra's love and sensitivity last night as we finished dropping off the last of my things at Stephanie's new apartment.  I was telling her a story (honestly, I have NO idea what I was talking about) and my car door shut on my left three tall fingers.  While I stared at Terra with shock and pain, she laughed.  I stood there, with my fingers squished, wondering if she was going to open the door for me.  She did move toward me, but it was only to double over in laughter, and slap her hand on the back car door.  So I opened the door with my right hand.

So this afternoon, as we were over in Stephanie's apartment, Terra asked if she could play my guitar.  I said yes, because I was just concentrating on breathing through my nose.  It wasn't quite working, so I moved my face into my arm to hide the fact that I was breathing through my mouth.  Then all of the sudden I heard metal slap wood.  Yeah, my guitar string broke.  Well, we'll get that fixed.

Later, Terra and I went to go take some pictures outside.  After we took one outfit's set, we decided to go back for Terra so she could change.  She opened the door and went in before me, and as I stepped forward I felt the door catch on my middle right toe.  I looked down, as a small pool of blood started to form.  I was wearing some of my favorite sandals, and I didn't want blood on them.  So holding the door open with my elbow, and using my wrist to flip the camera hanging down away from my toes, I attempted to take off my sandal.  I then looked up at Terra, who stood in the doorway, looking.
"Terra, can't you see this?"
"Terra, do you see my toe?"
"Terra, can you hold open the door?"
Well, she did.  And she ran and got me paper towels from the vending machine room so that I could staunch the blood. There was a lot.

Oh, but the day gets better.  After numbing my toe under cold water and laying down on the couch for a bit, we went outside to take pictures of Terra's second outfit.  I was reminded of how I needed to bring my key back to The Colony (my old apartment complex), and so, distracted, I asked Terra if she'd just leave with me.  We drove to the complex, I dropped off my key, and then we went to a Redbox to find our movies.

See, I had a PROMO code for this weekend, for 50% off of redbox videos. Not that $.50 is a super big save.  The code was on an email I had saved on my phone, but... I couldn't find my phone.  I had Terra call it, and it immediately went to voicemail.

 "Terra, I think my phone fell out of the car.  I think someone ran over it."

Well, I was right.  They did.  When we found it, it was under an SUV and there were tire markings across the screen of my iPhone.  I tried to turn it on.  I pushed the top button and the home button, trying to reset the phone, but it wouldn't work.  I looked at Terra, tears welling up, as she told me that everything was going to be okay, that I was lucky the screen wasn't cracked, and that it could probably be turned back on.

We drove to the Mac store, where, yeah, they turned it on after resetting some things.

But man, I was exhausted!  And ultimately, Terra and I buckled down and went to Macey's for ice cream, and to Blockbuster for three movies:
Blockbuster Manager (BM): Do you have an account number or an ID?
Me: Yes. To Terra: I've been here with friends before who have accounts but I've never purchased anything.
BM: What's your first name?
Me: March 29, 1990.
BM: What's your first name?
Me: March 29, 1990. Oh, it's hard to see my information, huh? Took out the card.
BM: What's your first name?
Me: Oh, it's Cebre.  Hard to understand it.
BM: You don't have an account with this ID.
Me: ...
BM: You don't have an account.
Me: Yes, I know that.
BM: Do you want to set up an account?
Me: ...
BM: Do you want to set up an account with this ID?
Me: No.
BM: You can't rent the movies without an account.
Me: Oh, yes.  Sorry, I have bad hearing.
 Oh, but the ice cream was good.
And we saw Jimmer.  I was driving, and Terra and I both screamed as I waved my hands in the air to celebrate.

And that, dear friends, was my Saturday.  For the remainder of the weekend, I'm going to steer clear of doors, and hope that my nasal passages clear up.


  1. Cebre, this almost makes me cry with happiness. Your post sounds like it could easily be a day in the life of me--just ask Tawny how spacy I've been lately. And frankly, it's really nice to find a similar soul, especially after a long, hot, tiring day in California traffic. Whew. You're wonderful!

  2. First off, I am impressed by the detail that you were able to recall as you retold about these adventures. Second off, I hope you are OK. Mouth breathing, smashed fingers, stubbed toes, cranky Blockbuster clerks... what a week! AND, you and your sister are lucky to have seen Jimmer. Many members talked about the basketball star when I was in Alaska.
    You are a great writer! Keep it up. Just don't get hurt too much...