Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summary in a Song

This may be a bit out of order as my memories all run together...

*ahem* to the tune of "Do Your Ears Hang Low"

Oh did you all know
that I love avocado?
If you were not sure by now,
then this picture sure should show!

They were purchased o'er at Cambridge
Where on the river we did row.
It's called punting, it is awesome,
and we sang as we did go :)

On the coach ride o'er to Cambridge
we took a little break,
At a memorial of US Soldiers
and some pictures I did take...

But overall that visit changed me
for my little heart did ache,
as I thought about those young men
and what they did for my sake.

Then next came the couple musicals
which were fun, quite a success!
We first attended Jersey Boys,
where they loved our group the best :)

We were in the front row of the show,
and I will confess,
the actors could see us and laughed at us,
and we were quite obsessed!

Then the next day we went to Wicked,
and of course, some evensongs!
Don't forget fantastic concerts,
which are not quite sing-alongs (like this :) )

Let's not forget Lion King,
where I KNEW that I belonged,
but our seats were slightly blocked...
and I knew that we were wronged. : /

Off to Buckingham to see the change
of the Queen's royal guards.
We sat along the street,
next to bicycles and cars.

At platform nine and three-quarters,
we got bruised and scraped and scars,
and we rode the London Eye
on which the whole world seemed OURS.

Thank you.

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