Friday, May 28, 2010

Peter Pan and Debbie Day!

How could my day be any better?
Wake up for a walk in Hyde Park.
OH MY HEAVENS, beautiful.  Visit Kensington Palace where Princess Di loved to live, and walk through the Flower Walk, where ever single colored flower existed, all in search for the lost boy who never grew up.

Oh, Peter.

Debbie and I walked ALL over Hyde Park, following signs which pointed us in the wrong direction, but still soaking it all in forever and ever.  We saw about a million birds: Canada geese (geese is SUCH a weird word!), ducks of every kind, these cute little baby black fuzzy things, finches, and herons.  Lexie, I included a heron for you =)

It was beautiful.  After walking back and forth, and to and fro (fro? what is that?) we FINALLY decided to look at a map at the entrance which showed us our way to PETER!  (NeverLand?)  We also ran into about 100 men and 4 women who were running SOMETHING.

Then... PETER!  (wonderful sidenote, that skirt has POCKETS!)  He didn't want to grow up, and neither do I.  But I think I'm much more logical in the way I go about it.

After Peter, we high-tailed it back to our flats to do what?  Oh, look online for tickets to a showing of Peter Pan!  There were tickets ranging from 10 pounds all the way up to... well, I'm not quite sure.  I don't look at the higher prices.  Anyway, they were all in the Stalls--aka the FLOOR.

So, we arrived at Debbie's flat (two floors above mine) which is a LABYRINTH!  We ate lunch (avocado, lettuce, ham sandwich, cheese sticks, chocolate mousse) and then I decided to go off and read.  Apparently Debbie thought I went home, but nope!  I was just in her flat.  Doing what I looooove to do!

Well, she found me, and we set off! for the ticket office.  It took about an hour to get there, and once we were there, we purchased our tickets.  It was the oddest thing, though. The man told us there were seats up in the Balcony, and that the cheapest price was 25 pounds.  Doesn't that seem a tad inconsistent?

But we thought, "Hey! Whatev!" and purchased four tickets, row G, seats 1-4.

We FINALLLLLY got home when it was time to leave!  I had told Debbie, "Let's leave at 6:00." and what time was it? oh, 6:01.  So, we rushed and ate dinner, and then set out.  Unluckily, we took about 57 thousand wrong turns... which seemed oddly de ja vu-like.  I mean, didn't I go every wrong direction to find Peter Pan this morning?  And by wrong turns I mean we took the wrong tubes to get there.  

SO, we got off the tube, and RAN to the theatre, burst through the doors, and stood in line to ask questions.  Debbie had forgotten her ticket, and we were going to sit with Sarah and Heather.  Heather was with us, Sarah... we had lost.  They told us to go down, in which an usher said, "You're late!" (she's right, we were...) and brought us down to our door, letting Debbie in without a ticket.

Flustered and glistening with perspiration, we quietly opened the G door, ONLY TO SEE PEOPLE IN OUR SEATS!

So we played, "Open the door!" for a while, trying to find seats, and finally settled in row M.  Downgrade, eh? 

Oh, but it gets better.  At interval, Sarah told us to look at our tickets.  Well, the tickets said the show started at 7:45, not 7:15.  Also, the tickets were for ANOTHER SHOW.  Also, they were for June 3rd.  I mean, I know that sometimes people can mis-hear things.  I do it frequently.  But how in the world does "Tonight's viewing of Peter Pan" sound like " BLAH BLAH BLAH June Third" ?  Really. =)

I knew it was suspicious that there were seats in the balcony...

Anyway, the theater had the most comfortable seats on the face of the planet, we settled into row L seats at the interval, and enjoyed the show!

It blew my mind.

It's a new version, set in Scotland, and rather dark but SO intriguing.  I gasped, laughed, CRIED (what? I never cry in shows!), and at the end, just held my eyes open wide as if that would broaden my comprehension.  

All I know is, now I have to read the book!


  1. Cebre, I don't understand! Those orange flowers you took pictures of...they looked deflated and half dead on the plant. And then you took a picture of it, and it became VIBRANT and artistic and interesting.

    And I can answer your question...your day could have been better if we hadn't gotten lost six (ty million) times! Haha. But I guess it's all worth it, because how often do you get to say you ran through three tube stations in London and through a tunnel to get to a show...only to find out your seats were resold? Yeah, that's right, it's probably a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    ...And for the record, I didn't forget my ticket, it was purposefully "safe" in the hands of Sarah...because I have a habit of forgetting my tickets so I thought I'd give it to her to keep. Yeah, that worked out really well.

  2. Do they say "interval" in Britain instead of "intermission?"

  3. Momma--Yes.

    Debbie-- SO TRUE! oh heavens. that was weird.