Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Okay, if you don't like Harry Potter, you may as well stop reading this post RIGHT NOW.

Otherwise, you can BASK in the parallels.

At Hogwarts, there are Houses- Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff...
At Oxford, there are COLLEGES: Christ Church, New College, Maudelin, Corpus Christi, Hertford, Brasenose...


So the story is this. Ruth, an American who attended BYU but transferred to Oxford and sounds oddly like a Brit now, worked her magic and made it possible for us Americans to sing at separate college evensongs! But prior to that, we toured Oxford for TWO DAYS!

Day 1:
We split off into three or four groups, and I was in the group attending The Dragon School. OOOOOOOO. After a long trek through the rain (I had an umbrella) and a couple wrong turns, we found it! EUREKA!
They led us from the office to a classroom that was obviously built for choir. It was stadium seating, but only two rows, with maybe 5 people in each row.
Britain's "Public" schools are much like our private schools. They are very expensive, and almost always have boarders. However, the Dragon was a happy place to be, as I hope is shown in the video above. These children were 9-10 years old.

It was a blast singing with them! Although, I have to admit it was HILARIOUS when they sang a beautiful song about turtles that ended up... GUESS WHAT MOM... to be a song about SAVING THE PLANET! I guess the British culture isn't so different than Humboldt county after all!

I'm trying to upload a video, but it's not working. I'll make my posts shorter, so GOOODBYE! Hopefully the video works, and I'll tell you more about Brasenose and MUSICALS later!

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  1. Can't wait to see it, Cebre. In Blogger, you just click on the HTML tab and then paste the embed link that you've hopefully already copied from the video. If you're not taking the video from YouTube, just try copying and pasting the video w/o the embedded feature. Haven't tried that myself. Maybe you need to shrink it to YouTube first.