Friday, August 15, 2008

Moving on...

I've moved!

It's quite moving, emotionally, no pun intended. It was sad for me, to say "goodbye, beach" "goodbye, redwoods!", "goodbye..."
It was sad.
Of course it was even MORE sad leaving my family. I love my family, and as I left, I learned how much they love me. It really reallllly touched me.

The drive was interesting. Every time we stopped, I woke up--it was basically a no-stop drive, though. I avoided driving the 12-seater van (which is bigger than a SEMI in my brain) as long as I could, and then finally I got stuck with driving it t 3:41 a.m. PDT. Oh, it was creepy!!! The van was much harder to handle than I was used to, and the road was reallllly narrow. I mean, there was road construction (yeah.) and the HUGE cones were on MY lane, the lane I was supposed to drive in. Bascially, I had to drive between the construction cones and the guard rails... I was just glad there were no semi's nearby.

Finally, that ended, and I was much more comfortable. I had two full lanes to relax in, and the sun started to rise!! I ended up driving for a straight 2.5 hours, which is the longest period of time I have ever driven at once. The sunrise was beautiful.

Today, I slept and slept and slept some more, then I went to the park, came back to the Carver's (Standring grandparents) home, slept, and then went bowling!! I bowled a 111. It was a lot of fun!! I bowled left-handed as opposed to my usual right-handed bowling techniques, and I even messed around a bit, trying to bowl while laying on my stomach. Partway through our game James and April Standring showed up, and at the end Jason and Kendra Standring arrived. We decided to go back to James and April's apartment, and we watched the MOST INTENSE RACE OF MICHAEL PHELPS EVER!!! We were doubtful, and when his lane lit up with the number 1, the cheer was deafening. I'm glad I found people as enthusiastic about it as I was!

As it is 11:11 pm, I should probably go. I have to get used to this Mountain time!! It's only 10 something at home...

Much love:)


  1. Cebre that is so cool to hear about that and did you see Michael Phelps win his 7 metle?It was so awsome love to hear more from you.

    Love you
    Lexie <3

  2. Hi sweetie! I found your blog -- yay! So now I'm in touch even if I can't get in touch with you :).

    I'm so glad you told me about the drive AFTER you did it instead of during. I wouldn't have been able to sleep! Glad there were no semis on the road. That's the hardest part about driving on I-80.

    Love and miss you!!! -- Mom