Monday, November 11, 2013

Update on the Hiram and Cebre Jacob Family...

I feel like saying that school just started and I've been busy and haven't posted... but it's now been in session for over two months.

So here are some updates:

Since the first week of school, we've been living in Hiram's parents' basement. Life kind of got crazy then. It was a quick decision and a fast move AND in the middle of everything starting (like school). 

His parents have been such wonderful hosts, and they've been so kind allowing us to save up for graduate school. It's been an adjustment changing from south-campus and socializing with peers every week to living in Orem, but we are so grateful for the changes. (On a side note: Friends from BYU, we miss you! Please invite us to your social events...)

Hiram is in his senior year of undergraduate school. He works as a registrar at a hospital nearby, and his shifts are twelve hours long. He's working super hard all the time, and spends his free time making life easier for me. Really. His selflessness and love is incredible and I'm not sure I can ever match them. 

I am teaching eighth grade math for the second year in a row. I've really loved being able to improve and alter what I did last year, and I've found that last year's (sometimes really rough) experiences have given me large amounts of perspective and patience. I've also been able to accept the eighth-grade mentality a little more, but I am getting nervous that my main social scene is with thirteen-year-olds.

Both of us have been counting down the weeks until school is over.

Not because Hiram is graduating.

Not because I love summer and the fact that during it I can read an entire book without feeling guilty for not grading once.

We are counting down the weeks because we're having a baby!

That's right. 
We're pregnant.

I say "we" even though I'm the actual one who is carrying a plum-sized baby around, because I've let the words "my baby" slip maybe twice and Hiram has never let me forget it. 

Our baby will be super cute, with blue eyes and probably brown hair. That's all we know at this point.

Just like we hoped, our baby is due around the end of the school year. I was seriously stressing out about substitutes (I don't trust them) and end-of-year testing and even more-so stressing out about coming back after a six-week maternity leave. This way, I'll be able to be home with our child for a few months before starting off a brand new year.

So far, we've been blessed with an easy first trimester, although Hiram is looking forward to me having a "surge of energy" (something he read about...) at some point in the second. So far, I've been a zombie and want about ten hours of sleep every night. Hiram, not being pregnant, does not need ten hours of sleep.

Favorite moments so far:
  • When my sister-in-law (who is fourteen) said, "Cebre! You can't be bending over!" when I picked up something I dropped off the floor. This is her first time living with a pregnant lady. FYI, I will pick things off the floor as long as I am able.
  • When I was explaining my pregnancy symptoms to my parents and my dad said, "Oh. I know what that feels like. I feel like that all the time."
  • When we told my family and James immediately started compiling a list of possible names from everyone. Just so you all know, we are NOT allowed to name our son (if it's a boy) "Luke Skywalker", because James reserved that.
  • When we told Hiram's family and nobody believed us for a moment because Hiram has "cried wolf" too many times in the past year and a half.
  • How after a week of telling our family our nephew asked, "CEBRE! HAVE YOU HAD YOUR BABY YET?" (He's four.)
  • When we heard the miraculous "whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh" of our baby's heartbeat.
We're very excited and feeling extremely grateful. Thank you for being excited with us! Look forward to more posts about pregnancy, since the secret is out!

Also, if you're curious at how cute our baby will be, here are some of our old baby pictures to guess from:

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