Monday, May 27, 2013

All the Allreds...

This last Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited to Spring City, Utah's "Heritage Day Celebration". I traveled with Stephen and Tracy Taylor, and Emery Smith. Tracy is my Grandma Allen's first cousin, and Emery is her daughter.

As we traveled down, Tracy read to us from "the red binder" which is a compilation of stories and biographies of our ancestors that my grandma put together years ago. Emery and I listened to stories we'd heard before, and learned new things about our Allred ancestors.

Overall, it was a beautiful day and I am very very grateful for the opportunity I have to spend time with family members and develop deeper relationships with them.  It was beautiful learning about the faith of my ancestors, hearing tales about their hardships and being strengthened and comforted I could make it through my own (which sound so trivial in comparison).

This is the Spring City Spring. Cold, refreshing water!

James Allred is my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather. He was also a great man. You can read about that here.
This is the Endowment/Allred School House

Tracy and I in front of the schoolhouse.

I love unkept gardens and yards. It must be from reading stories like The Secret Garden and Anne of Green Gables.

This is a very very VERY old flag. It's the "Betsy Ross" Thirteen-star version.

I don't know what house this is, but they restored it beautifully.

This is the "Judge Jacob Johnson House". It is beautiful. They have done a great job restoring it.

These poppies were HUGE! Each about as large as my hand.

More poppies.

There were also very large irises.

Such small, but meaningful flowers.

Emery and I at the garden behind the Judge Jacob Johnson House. So beautiful.

Bleeding Hearts. 

The weather was PERFECT. The clouds were there just when we needed them.

I thought this tree deserved to be seen.

As we drove back into Provo, we stopped at the Provo Cemetery to see family graves and place flowers. 
I was moved that so many people had brought beautiful flowers for their loved ones.
Maud was my great-great-Grandmother.
Spring City is a darling town. I harbor a hope that someday Hiram and I could live there (I sent him photos of houses currently for sale), but it probably won't be realized. Hiram said we don't need to buy a house right now...

 I loved learning a little more about my heritage, and growing closer to family members that are both here now and who have passed on.

If you're curious about your heritage, try FamilySearch!


  1. ah - what a beautiful place! :) You look so cute!!! so glad you got to have this special experience. :)

  2. I love Spring City! My brother lived in the gorgeous old house just south of the church.

  3. I'm glad you got to do the Spring City heritage tour with Tracy and Emery. I'm grateful to Tracy for maintaining contact with our Allred relatives. I'm also grateful to the people of Spring City for maintaining the town of our ancestors so beautifully.

  4. Very cool! Wish we could've come.