Friday, May 17, 2013

Lovin' Looks

A few months ago, my grandma told me that I looked at Hiram with the same adoring love that First Lady Nancy Reagan looked at Ronald Reagan.  Like he was the entire universe and could do no wrong.

Nancy looking at Ronald

As they were discussing this once, my grandpa turned to my grandma and said, "Dixie, why don't you look at me like Nancy looked at Ronald?"

My grandma replied, "I will when you're president."

It's nice to know where some of my sassiness came from. But really, why would I NOT look at Hiram like Nancy looked at Ronald?

Hiram looking at me
Look at the love his looks give me.

He is everything.


  1. I love this. I totally feel this way. I feel like at least a few times a week Aaron and I are talking and I zone out because I'm just looking at him and admiring... But let's not forget that we must be something pretty special ourselves to have won the hearts of the ever-sought-after Jacob boys. :) haha. LOVE. we need to live closer.