Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Love at Our Lighthouse

After almost nine months of marriage, we've decided to change my "cebreful" blog to a Jacob Family blog. Hiram regretted losing such a perfect adjective, but there was just no attractive way to add the name "Hiram" to that word. Hibreful? Cebramful? Uh...

We've chosen the title "Love at Our Lighthouse" for the following reasons:

1. Our life together began here - On a drizzly March day, Hiram knelt down on the wet ground in front of this lighthouse and asked me to marry him for time and all eternity (see photo at right). He was loving and patiently waited while I was unfocused, happy, and babbling.

Over a year later, none of that has changed. I still chatter, and he still loves me.

2. Love at home - We expect to use this blog to share all of our moments filled with love, excitement, laughter, and even sadness. We hope that by reading it, you'll be able to feel a little bit of the love we share in our home.

3. Like a lighthouse - As some of you may know, I use my blog sometimes as I would a podium and microphone on Fast Sunday. I love to share my thoughts, feelings, and testimony. We hope that someday we can be like a lighthouse to those around us, by shedding light and bringing them closer to God. We will continue using this blog to post our insights, thoughts, and ponderings about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.