Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What RMs don't mention in their homecoming talks

Things they cooked/ate.

The time they smashed their own windshield, by throwing water balloons out of their fifth-story window.

When they found candy in a pile of rubbish...

and ate it.

Don't freak out. It was "Foil Fresh".

And, those times they spent hours on the phone taking the brunt of someone's furry.

Missions really are the best.


  1. Lol, have a few of those stories myself. However I never ate chinese noodles, baked beans on a taco shell... are you sure you'll eat well when ya move out? ;)

  2. Ok this is REALLY funny!! LOL! Especially the last video... That was Sister Shattuck, now I know really how excited you were to talk to us ;-)

  3. As my adorable little brothers are currently on missions, I am now 3,000% more excited to hear the stories they come home with.