Tuesday, July 19, 2011

'Squitoes and Speedos

A week ago or so I went to the Juvenile Detention Center with some friends from my ward for a fireside.  Before we began our program on "Integrity," we had a quick not-so-inspiring discussion.  I began it.

"So, I really don't understand why mosquitoes even exist."
"Me either."
"Wait, I do!" (this wasn't me)
"Oh?" (this was me)
"So that we can take the blood of dinosaurs and clone them."
Oh, yeah... I forgot.

But, it's truly summer here in Provo!  You can't go out at night, unless you want to look like you contracted chicken pox, and the evenings are filled with the moist rumblings of thunder.  It's lovely.

Except the mosquitoes part.

And, luckily, most men aren't walking around in speedos as of late.  This is both a blessing for me and for them.  I don't have to see all that upper-thigh, and their skin is more protected from the vampiric insects that come out at dusk.

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