Saturday, January 8, 2011

A little too much alliteration?

Apparently, I love it.  "Twenty and Teething," "Mathematics and Me," "Humility and Hope," "Peter Pan and Debbie Day," "London's like a Lost home :)... literally," and "Summary in a Song..."
do admit, I had a bit of fun with this title, too.  Just a tad.

So, I have decided to add "breathing through my nose" to my "Thankful for" list.  Some things should just not be taken for granted.

When I was younger, my sister and I would write in our journals most Sundays, or around once every couple of months.  It wavered.  And without fail, literally every time, since we had to catch up so much, we would end up listing all the things we were grateful for, and all of our friends.  Actually, on second thought, I can't speak for Terra.  I have some memories of her doing the same... but who knows how valid those are at this point.

My brain synapses work differently than most.  My mom understands, because hers do the same, and some precious friends have been able to interpret my thought process over time.  Usually, it takes little train switches and just turns off everywhere.  Right now?  Oh, the train's not even GOING.  There are hardly any connections.  It's quite funny how when one sees a road sign like this: 
they can expect a slowing or perhaps even stopping of traffic due to, well, everything being congested!  The same thing happens in my head.  Except thoughts should have nothing to do with the clarity of my nasal breathing.  But, they do.  Oh... they do.

And now, inspired by last night's Women's Chorus Retreat... a haiku:
Watch for Congestion
It comes with the cold, cold air
And never quite leaves.


  1. First of all, there can never be too much alliteration, and secondly,(you don't want to hear this), stay away from dairy!

  2. I love alliteration! Also - I love haikus so this was a double great post to read. :)

  3. Melissa, I wish I could click "like" on your comment.