Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello Jell-O.

Despite the fact that I am completely unable to draw myself, I still must have a sub-/un... conscious (I NEVER KNOW WHICH ONE TO USE!) idea of what I look like.
Why?  Because my jaw is swollen, and I can tell.  Which really, honestly, isn't that bad.

This hardly hurts when compared to ear surgeries.  In fact, I've gone all of today with the LACK of medication, and besides some discomfort, I'm fine.  So, getting your wisdom teeth pulled, even all four, isn't that bad.

Where does the problem lie?


Mark that as Cebre's #2 recognition of "What I Take For Granted" this calendar year.

Today I asked some boys (whom I don't know) if they thought my cheeks looked big.  After first looking at me weird for asking the question in the first place, they then scrutinized my face, and then told me that, "No, you look just fine."

Which was great news until my sister said, "You're not that... oh... ha."
It's just the smile.  I can't smile.  It hurts to smile.
But then again, smiling isn't that big of a deal, right?

Oh dear friends, you're wrong.  Smiling is huge.

You can smile when you're happy, when you're annoyed, when you're surprised, when you're thinking of something funny, when you're listening to a good song, when you finished all of your flashcards for your test, when you are trying to prove to someone that you don't care, when you're waving, when you're trying to make a baby smile, when you're on the phone, when you're telling someone that you're "doing just great," ... or basically you can always smile.

Be grateful for the beautiful smiles that you have!  They make this whole world brighter.

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  1. I like the "when you are trying to prove to someone that you don't care" one. So true. And that's a tough smile to hold without your mouth quivering. I think the eyes tell the truth though.